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NomadPods - 1.6

4.40/5 (25 votes).

Now officially supporting iOS 11!

A very simple tweak that changes the small icon of the battery widgets to display the AirPods case with a Nomad, brown leather case on it. In the future this will have options for different case options. Be aware that this tweak will modify a system file, but upon install, it creates a backup of the file, and on uninstall; reimplements it!

Should work on all iPhone's now! Will work on iPad's soon! Currently having issues on some firmwares with AirPods 2... Looking into now!

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New in 1.6:

FULL iOS 12 support, along with iOS 11 support on both AirPods. Will attempt iPad tomorrow, but might be more difficult than I've previously thought... Also cleaned up low res NomadPods on smaller devices, and the tiny thumbnail in the Battery Widget!

New in 1.5:

Okay, so I do apologise guys! But this should now work on ALL iPhone's, on iOS 11-12.1.2! Let me know otherwise...

New in 1.4.1:

SIGNIFICANTLY increased the quality of the splash image on Retina+ devices

New in 1.4:

Should now support all iPhones! Let me know if it doesn't, please don't rate poorly!

New in 1.3.3:

Added Battery Widget support for XS and X

New in 1.3.2:

Added a logo! Woo!

New in 1.3.1:

Fixes all install issues and removal issues! This should be 100% safe!

New in 1.2.2:

Fixed install issues

New in 1.2.1:

Fixed .DS_Store files again (sorry fam, pretty new to this!)

New in 1.2:

Added full support for AirPods 2! Sorry about the delay!

New in 1.1:

Fixed .DS_Store files, added Nomad Connect Screen Still